"Creating Surprise and Excitement"

- A production that no one has ever seen -

Drone performance

Spatial production is possible with a large machine.
We have a lot of flight results both indoors and outdoors.



Directing, recording, MV, etc.
Check out some of our achievements so far.


Online streaming

We have a track record of shooting many live streaming.
Switching and recording with multiple cameras is also possible.


Equipment list

From shooting MV, VP, etc. to relay recording.
We support program location and aerial shoots.


Location shooting available.

We are engaged in TV program production, so we have experience in program location progression and production.

It can be flown in urban areas

We have a track record in flights in urban areas (including Tokyo). Please feel free to contact us regarding licensing and other matters.

This can be used for staging.

We are developing drones as production equipment, which can be used for various events and live performances.

Available for concert tours

It is possible to fly at dome venues in various places with tens of thousands of people. Even if you are rejected by other companies, we have a track record, so please feel free to contact us.

No GPS required

We have many achievements in indoor flights that GPS cannot reach. Please contact us with confidence.

Support for event venues

Our drone operation is permitted at event venues both indoors and outdoors, and we have a lot of achievements.

Our strengths

It consists of not only pilots but also members who have been active in various fields such as cameras, radio wave management, modeling, and LEDs.

We own many drones.

We manage and own multiple drones, including spares for unforeseen situations.

Operation of large drones

We can operate large drones. It can be equipped with various things such as lasers and spotlights, not just cameras.

Professional drone pilot

Each pilot has their own specialty. A pilot who is good at it according to your needs will be in charge.

Aircraft modification and maintenance

We own a development room, where we regularly create and develop aircraft.

dox Co., Ltd.

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